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Join the DakotAbilities team!

Join  the DakotAbilities team!

DakotAbilities offers individuals an opportunity to participate in work based training programs at the Longfellow Center and assists people in finding full wage employment in the community as well.  Individuals working at the Longfellow Center receive work training by completing work that is brought in from area businesses.  This work includes packaging nuts, bolts, and washers into packages of various sizes and shapes.  Individuals are expected to learn what it means to earn a paycheck, to work with others, to complete tasks independently, and develop other necessary work skills.

When individuals express an interest and are able to work independently out in the community, staff at DakotAbilities assist them with completing applications, writing resumes, and other skills necessary to secure outside employment.  DakotAbilities staff also work closely with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and Employers in the Sioux Falls area to assist people in finding integrated employment.

DakotAbilities also offers individuals who have the ability and desire to work in the community an opportunity to work at one of our supported locations at Citibank and the County Court House.  At these locations, individuals learn work skills out in the community while being supported by a DakotAbilities staff.

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