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What is Your First Sign of Spring?

We all have one - the first crocus bloom, the first robin, the first day without a jacket. What is yours? We all love spring so let's celebrate it together.

Spring is a favorite time of year for gardeners and Longfellow Center's Community Garden Project will kick off soon. Nine volunteers from the All Saints Neighborhood Association have agreed to partner with several people we support to plant, raise, and harvest vegetables in our raised-bed gardens. Several will be planted with flowers as well to brighten up the neighborhood even more. Thank you to those nine volunteers! The summer project will create many new lifelong friends.

Whether or not you like to garden, we are all ready for more time outdoors. Did you know each of our 17 residential homes have outdoor patios? Even Longfellow Center has an accessible patio. Feel free to visit anytime Monday thru Friday between 9am and 4pm!

Happy Birthday to Us!

March is very special at Longfellow Center. One year ago we moved into this incredible facility and love it more each day. March 21 is the exact birth date, but we plan to celebrate all month. We also happen to like presents! If you want to help us celebrate by making a difference to the people of DakotAbilities, please consider a Celebration Donation!

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